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 The Phoenix Within is an acoustic rock group based out of Queens, NY. The group is fronted by singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano & is backed by bassist Nick Narlis & percussionist Simon Lee. Now I have to admit that I never saw this band play all together. I have mostly heard Omar Feliciano sing and play his guitar and guess what it sucks. Then why bother having this band on here? Because guess what!  I lied! Their music doesn’t suck. Boohoo now you have to check them out because their music doesn’t suck. Well guess what thanks to Youtube and Spotify, you get to tell me what you think of their mesmerizing songs, captivating music, and outstanding lyrics. Personally speaking, the whole album Whispers needs to be heard by pretty much everyone you know. The lead singer Omar is a pretty nice guy, some might even say super nice guy, others might not like him..losers. Everyone I met that knows him respects him and admires his talent. If your craving some very good music I highly recommend this guy and his band. 

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