Ronx Corner

Does the bassist from All In Due Time look familiar?

Nope? Well if you’ve checked their corner out he will, because he is also in a band known as Ronx a three piece pop punk trio from the Bronx. The band consists of Miguel Vasquez (guitar & vocals), Joshua Reguillo (bass & vocals) and Dave Rivera (Drums). Ronx is an amazing pop punk band that plays at many venues throughout NYC. The band has their music out on all music platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, their facebook page, the back of your head once you listen to their songs, etc. They have their own website as well which you can check out by clicking the picture below.                                            

I have gone to some of their shows and not only are they some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet. The bands music has a magic to it that’ll make you want to run around and let loose. They have cool shirts too as you can see below. Yeah I took a picture in case they blow up. If you click the picture below it’ll lead you to their instagram page and if you click this thumbs up 👍 you can go give them a like and follow them on facebook to stay informed about upcoming shows. 

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