BAM who?

Hello, humans of earth

BAM here the creator of this space on the internet. No need for applause. The site is honestly just a home for some of the things I enjoy the most whether it be music, art, anime, or whatever it is that I do whenever I do it. I hope whoever comes along and scrolls through any garbage I post leaves a comment telling me their thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. Im very easy to contact and don’t bite often ,so feel free to scroll around and enjoy the content.

The Final Blog Post


Well thats it this class is finito as they say somewhere. I have to say that I really enjoyed this class from the beginning to the end. I feel like the most important thing I learned is not to be scared to tackle something that may seem too hard to do. 

I don’t personally have a computer and I never used Photoshop ,so many of the skills I learned here really allowed me to show my creative side. Building the website was one of my favorite things to do. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed learning how to make Vaporwave images just like this one. 

My Beautiful Mess

    Even though I found it challenging at first because there was a whole bunch of different steps attacking me all at once, but with some time I feel like I did a great job. The website was my favorite thing to do because I actually feel like I can make a website for other people if they give me the right inspiration. Its very time consuming ,but there is so much to do and the amount of control I have is great. I created a site where I can show off work my friends have been doing and it makes me feel great. I plan on keeping the website updated and adding more menus and sections other people might be interested in. Most likely adding an anime review section to it. I watch most of mine on Crunchyroll and think I can make a fair assessment. To be honest I feel like I worked my way up to a good B-plus. I probably could have done more and I still plan on doing more ,but I did not get to everything I wanted to, so I did not do 100% of my work. I still think I personally accomplished a lot of things that I would have never attempted without this class. I think the skills I learned here will be put to good use, or even comedic use if that counts for anything.

In the works

I did get to do some amazing stuff and the people whose work I displayed seemed to enjoy it. I am glad i took this class and look forward to working on this website for a long time.