Yasmins Corner

Yasmin K. is a good friend of mine, she is a 22 year old full time student, novice landscape photographer, and an unknown artist…for now. Yasmin enjoys abstract art because it can be interpreted in many different ways. There is beauty in abstract paintings that many people fail to see, the emotion behind the images, the anger or joy that the painter was going through at the moment can be felt in abstract paintings. Most of the paintings here are still in progress and Yasmin only has one named painting because she does not want to interfere with peoples interpretation of the piece. 

The descriptions on the paintings below are my interpretations or feelings regarding the pieces.

This image is very interesting as it can be rotated over and over and provide a different perspective to the piece ,but it has a lonesome feeling to it.
This painting has a lot of life to it. The light in the darkness although confused travels along the canvas trying to spread more, trying to get centered, trying to live.
I’m smelling Peacock when I look at this painting ,but if I continue staring it gets scarier and scarier. Almost takes me to a different planet, where the the rivers are bloody and the bushes are blue.


“I was feeling angry as I punched this piece into existence”- Yasmin K.
Do you think cats are evil? I don’t ,but they can be. When I look into this piece ,I see a demon, not an actual demon, but a demon. 

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